• Help serve our elders, join our mission

  • a caregiver for every elder

Help serve our elders, join our mission

a caregiver for every elder


How it Works

1. Call Received

Your call is received at top priority. We ask you certain questions to understand who you are and what is your specific requirement. We do this in a manner that is warm and pleasant as we understand that you could be in a difficult situation.

We do this in order to obtain an accurate assessment in as little time as possible.

Once we have the information, we move to "Caregiver Mapping" and revert within 2 Hours of the call.

2. Caregiver Mapping

We have a strong team of caregivers, however the demand is huge. Based on the requirement analysis, the right caregiver is chosen for

a. The service required

b. Client location and

c. Budget

Most of our caregivers are constantly serving or away attending to their personal commitments. It may take a while to get the right caregiver mapped, however, we assure you that you will receive assistance from a caregiver just right for you.

We are working to make our services available to you "ON Demand".

3. Caregiving Service

Once the caregiver is mapped, you are intimated about the details of the service to be provided through a quote that needs your approval.

Once you approve, we confirm the caregiver details with you, so you know exactly who is coming before they arrive. So you are not it for a surprise when they show up. This gives you an opportunity to inform your "Elder" about their caregiver.

The assigned caregiver will show up at the time agreed upon and start the caregiving serive as agreed to. Feedback about the service delivery is taken at regular intervals of time.

Be assured of Excellent Service!


Our Story

Hi! My name is Chris. I am a post graduate in Mechanical Engineering and have been working in IT for the last 20 years. Last year my father was diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). He is now 76 years old and my mother is 69. My parents live by themselves in Chennai. I live with my family in Pune and my younger brother is settled in Bangalore. With our high paying and stressful jobs and away from home, there is no one to take care of our parents. I manage to travel a bit and try to be of some help to them as in taking my father to the hospital for dialysis and get household things as such.

Does it help really? Not much. It is impossible for me to be here all the time.

I was looking for a practical solution to take care of them. One day sitting outside the dialysis ward, an idea flashed on my mind.

What if there was someone who could do exactly what I was doing for my father and mother?

Brilliant! I thought. I jumped on the idea and hired a male nurse to look after my dad. Not only that, he helped to get stuff for the house and my mother. Of course we compensated him with money for the extra help that he offered without complaining.

Voila! What if I could extend this service to other people, who like me
1. Live away from parents and 
2. IT and working professionals

Hence, we are launching this service so that our parents are taken care of when we are not around to help them. This is the least that we could do to our elderly and ailing parents, who educated us and sacrificed everything for our well-being.


My father passed away on 28th June '20 after his dialysis schedule was affected after the hospital that treated him had to close down thier dialysis unit temporarily.

The only good about the lockdown is it gave me a life long satisfaction that I could be with my dad during his last days. Since March I was with him 24x7 as a companion during his dialysis trips and a Secretary to work on his bills.

Life can change in a jiffy and a loved one can just disappear into thin air to never return. It feels like magic! They continue to live in photographs and memories.

The legacy continues...I am now with my mother!


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About Us

At "Elders and Seniors", we take care of your aging ill parents like our own, while you can be at work or away busy working a career. 

Sure we wouldn't want our dear parents to be left at old age homes. Today, it's become a trend of many luxury old age homes, under the surreal name of assisted living and geriatric care. But we know for real that our elderly parents feel comfortable staying in their own homes. And no matter how much money is paid, nothing can compensate the happiness they derive staying in their precious home.

Hence, we are offering our services that you can avail to help your parents.


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