Best Exercises from our Caretaker Service for Elders

The care from Elders and Seniors Home Care Services which the elderly will receive from the comfort of their own home is priceless. Our Skilled nursing professionals will provide physical therapy necessary for their fitness.

Remember Healthy Life is Happy Life!

 Exercise for seniors by elders and Seniors home health care service

Why exercising?

Recent studies state that physical activities are the foremost important contributor to steer an extended life and to cure illnesses of any kind. Even the elderly will feel young after doing exercises. Proper exercises can prevent the state of immovable joints and other ailments that are common among the elderly or paralyzed patients.

Building a healthy body for disabled and sick patients is feasible with daily exercises. Regular exercise will cause far better health and improve the fitness levels of the patients.

Before starting physical training patients should consult their doctors or physiotherapists. Those that are affected by backbone disorders, bone fractures, and cancer should be more careful while doing simple exercises.

 Stretching exercise by elders and seniors home care service

Exercise For Seniors and Healthy tips

Growing older is simply a part of life so we should always be prepared for and follows a healthy way of life.

Let us take a glance at a number of tips that can help elderly patients to steer a healthier life.


  • Stretching

Stretching or bending arms, fingers, knees and shoulders daily will help to extend the range of motion.


  • For hands

Interlace your hands behind your back and let your hands subside near your tailbone with the knuckles pointing down.


  • Hands and fingers

Raise your hands and bend your elbow. Then position your wrist at 90 degrees when doing it in another way then you ought to bend your fingers. Repeat it a minimum of ten times.


  • Hip and knee

Bend your legs to the chest, and convey it down without bending your hip. Roll in the hay alternatively on your legs.


  • Hip

Bend your knee then hold the knee with one hand and thighs with another hand. Bring down your knee to the supporter and move it to the other side.

Hold your knee with one hand and heel with the opposite hand. Keep distance and move it up to 45degree, without bending your knee. Repeat this ten times alternatively for both legs.

Bend your legs and keep side posture in bed, Bring down the legs to an equivalent position and move it within the other way also. Repeat this ten times.


  • Ankle

Straighten the ankle with one hand. Hold your feet and slowly bend it inside and out of doors. Within the same way do that for your fingers also.


  • Leg muscles

Through supporting the heel and knee, lift the leg without bending your knee. Repeat this minimum of ten times.



Hope you are fine with the above-mentioned exercises. If not, nothing to worry about. Just visit “Elders & Seniors Home Care Service” providers for professional caretakers – Male & Female across Chennai for your loved ones. Our staffs are well-trained professionals, those who had training in Patient Care, Physiotherapy, Feeding, Bathing, Medication, Coma Care, Dementia Care, etc. We also provide Doctors at your Home in case of emergency. Elders & Seniors provide Care at Home by Professionals for assisting in Catheterisation, Injection, IV Fluid Administration, etc is one of our major specialties that is liked by most of our clients.