About Us

At "Elders and Seniors", we take care of your aging ill parents like our own, while you can be at work or away busy working a career. 

Sure we wouldn't want our dear parents to be left at old age homes in Chennai. Today, it's become a trend of many luxury old age homes, under the surreal name of assisted living and geriatric care. But we know for real that our elderly parents feel comfortable staying in their own homes. And no matter how much money is paid, nothing can compensate the happiness they derive staying in their precious home.

Hence, we are offering our services that you can avail to help your parents.



Elders and Seniors Home Health Care Services is a leading home care service provider in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. We are building our reputation and tradition of compassionate care, Professional integrity and commitment.



We provide exclusive Home health care services for elders that are

Top Quality
Through our caregivers that are Compassionate, Responsive and Responsible Empathetic.


Our mission is to provide high quality and personalized care to elders at their own homes by deploying qualified and experienced caregivers (nurse and attendants).


To be the front runner in providing excellent, affordable & compassionate medical care for seniors at the comfort of their homes.




Elders and Seniors home care services provides a world-class treatment for elderly residents, crippled and bedridden patients who are not in a position to look after themselves. Our team and staff are highly trained and experienced to look after your health when it needs the most. We provides one of the finest home care services in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. At "Elders and Seniors" home care services we will ensure that patients receive quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. "Elders and Seniors" home care services consists of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who have undergone intensive training duly verified by senior doctors. We visit our patients for home visits at a call away. It is our motive to make health care more accessible to our patients.


We at Elders and Seniors home care services strive in every possible way to ensure that your health is never compromised. We adhere to all the guidelines as stated in the medical profession to bring you the most warm-hearted and attentive care at home. Elders and Seniors home care services gives an opportunity to the patients to recover while staying with their families in their homes.
We  provide the best medical attention to your near and dear ones. At Elders and Seniors home care services, our medical professionals interact with you and your families and understand the psychology of the patient. By doing so, it helps build a lasting relationship among the team and the patient. A nurse who is highly skilled plays a very vital role in the management of all care programs and, in turn, enhances the patient’s overall health.


Home Nurse

Patient Attendant 


Doctor on Call (Home Visit)