Terms and Conditions - Client


  1. These Terms and Conditions are valid throughout the tenure of the service and might be updated from time to time. Please look up these terms at regular time intervals to keep updated. 
  2. Our elder care service is a PREPAID service owing to the age group that we cater to.
  3. Please make an online payment of the Quoted amount towards confirmation of the order.
  4. Please do not discuss or make any financial transaction with the Caregiver/Nurse/Attendant.
  5. Please Communicate ONLY with the company and communication with the caregiver is BARRED for updates of any sort. If there are any updates, please inform the company and we shall comunicate to the caregiver. Similarly if you are looking for any update, please directly ask the company. This will avoid confusion and ensure better service. Violation of this term will be considered a breach of Trust.
  6. Orders shall not be cancelled and there shall be no refunds whatsoever.
  7. In case you are not happy with the services provided by the current caregiver, a replacement caregiver will be provided.
  8. All disputes are subject to Chennai Jurisdiction only.
  9. Contact Number: (+91)7397 300 280; email: care@eldersandseniors.com


Support for Caregivers

  1. Caregiving is a mutual task and cannot be trusted only on the caregiver(s) assigned. We need the family's support from time to time.
  2. At Elders and Seniors, we believe that if caregivers are taken care of, they will in turn take care of our elders.
  3. Caregivers often work long hours and don't get enough rest and sleep and hence need support too.
  4. Please provide basic but adequate bedding for our caregiver. It could include a thin mattress (Dhiwan), pillow and bedsheets.
  5. Please provide atleast 3 square meals per day.
  6. In order to maintain the hygiene of the caregiver, please enusre sufficient supply of the below items (in case of bedridden elders)
    1. Diapers
    2. Underpads
    3. Latex Gloves
    4. Disposable masks
    5. Handwash
  7. Live-in caregivers should never be allowed to leave the house. In case of emergencies, please inform our office immediately.
  8. Please ensure the safety of our female caregivers by restricting visitors as much as possible. This will also safegaurd our elders during pandemic times.
  9. You may expect the Caregiver to leave after 60 Days as they might have a personal repsonsibility to complete. Even during the delivery of service, there is a possibility that the caregiver might have to leave due to personal emergencies. However, the company will try its best to provide a replacement caregiver before receiving current caregiver.    
  10. Caregivers are our fellow human beings. They have taken to this profession due to circumstances and could be in distress themselves and they need to be treated fairly.

Important Note:
Non-adherence to any of the above terms will lead to termination of the order with a 2 day notice and we shall not be held liable whatsoever.  


    Scope: Patient Attendant

    1.What our service covers?

    A. Feeding
    -Assistance in Feeding
    -Serving Food

    B. Cleaning
    -Personal Grooming Support
    -Toilet assistance
    -Bathing assistance
    -Combing hair
    -Skin Care, etc
    -Diaper Change
    -Urine bag Emptying

    C. Mobility
    -Assistance in moving to the Toilet
    -Wheelchair Mobilization
    -Help in using a Walker
    -Assistance in Walking around the house

    D. Medication
    -Give Tablets and Medicines
    -Administering Oral Medicine
    -Vital Checks (Your caregiver might need training)

    2. What our service DOES NOT cover?
    -Cooking and Cleaning
    -Washing Clothes


    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve your kin.

    With Best Wishes,

    Team - Elders and Seniors

    a caregiver for every elder