Thank you!

Date: March 31, 2021


 Dear Patron,

As we say goodbye to another financial year 2020-21, we could agree in unison that it was not just another year. It was a year of great difficulty for many of us. If you were not affected directly or indirectly, you are one of the lucky few. As they say adversary brings out the best, we sailed through the storm. Post-pandemic we have learned to value our relationships better than before. Some of us may have even lost a loved one. We say we have become stronger. We have learned some valuable lessons. we only hope and pray that we all are not hit by another storm. But we will keep trying.

“Elders and Seniors Homecare Services”, like to thank the families of our elders for the support through the past year. We may not have done the best, but we did try everything possible that we could. Sure there was scope for improvement, and we will do that bit in the coming financial year. We again seek your support and patronage in pursuing our mission - a caregiver for every elder.

We would fail in our duty if we don't recognize the service and dedication offered by our team of Caregivers. Some of our female attendants walked several kilometers each day to reach the elder's home, when transport was not available due to pandemic. We salute their Will to work and care for their families. Our Team is our strength and our effort will not be possible without them.

We look forward to a better financial year 2021-22 even as we wish you success.


Best Regards,


Team Elders and Seniors