Thank You!

Date: April 01, 2022
Dear Well-wisher,

Another financial year has rolled by!

Around the same time last year it seemed hopeful, and we stepped into a new financial year 2021-22, only to witness devastation a month later. May to July was a much difficult time to many of us due to severe Covid wave 2.0. The sight of Ambulances with patients gasping for Oxygen and admission into hospital and the long quest to buy Remdesivir still haunts our memories. Many months later people were still getting affected by Covid and they could never be back to the best selves ever again. Others, we survived!

And here we are yet again hopeful, as we are stepping into another new financial year 2022-23, that all will be fine!

We thank you for the patronage and support you extended to us during 2021-22 and we look forward to the same support in 2022-23 as well. Caregiving is a mutual effort, just like it takes two hands to clap, and we believe we did do well last year despite the external challenges, but only with your support. This year we will be focusing on growing the organization.
Mission 300 | Elders and SeniorsLast year we provided care to nearly 200 elders. This time we are planning to cross the 300 mark. Hence we are launching "Mission 300"! If you know an elder who needs care, let us know. We'll ensure that they get the best care possible.

We again seek your support and patronage in pursuing our mission - a caregiver for every elder.

We take this opportunity to thank our team of Caregivers for their dedication and sincerity. They work and live away from their children and family to make their ends meet, to ensure their children get education, just to survive. Some of our caregivers are students who support their education through this means.

Our Team is our strength and we will continue to strive for their rights and seek your help in supporting them as well.

We wish you a successful new financial year 2022-23!

Best Regards,


Team Elders and Seniors