Limited Time Offer

Elders and Seniors Home Care Services Chennai Mumbai | Special Discount Offer Rs.9000


Who we are?

We specialize in delivering geriatric care to elderly patients in the comfort of their homes, through a team of qualified and experienced Nurses and Attendants. We operate with the motto of Service First, Business Next  on mind.


Why are we running the discount offer?

The home care field in India is highly disorganized. Individuals and groups run this service without ethics and with the sole intention to make profits. They misuse and take undue advantage of the plight of patients / elders' families. Hence it is very difficult to get orders for companies like ours who work for the benefit of elderly patients.

By putting out this offer, it is our effort to get a few more orders so we can serve the cause we have taken up. It also gives the family an opportunity to save handsome money after all piled up medical bills.


How does it work?

1. This offer is valid only for first time customers.

2. This offer is valid when you choose to pay for 60 days together instead of 30 days.

3. An amount of Rs.9,000 is deducted from the first 30 days' amount.

4. For any reason the order is cancelled / stopped ahead of the 60 day duration, the offer becomes invalid by default.

Please call us on 7397 300 280 to avail this offer.