Thank You Team!

Date: March 31, 2021


Dear ES Caregiver,

We are completing financial year 2020-21 and entering a new financial year 2021-22. The last year has been a difficult year. Many of us did not have jobs and our livelihood was affected. It was a time of great difficulty, but we survived. As a company we tried our best to get orders so the families of our caregivers can survive. Elders and Seniors Homecare Services was lucky to have orders through the pandemic, thanks to the trust of our familes of elders. Above that we appreciate your service. There is a Tamil Proverb that says, "Service to elder is service to God". Some of our cargivers walked several kilometers daily to reach the elder's home and took care of them.

We take the opportunity to say thank you for your Dedication, Sincerety and Loyalty to the company and to our elders. Even as we start a new financial year we are expecting good things to happen. But there will be challenges and we can overcome difficulties by working as "One Team". Expecting your support as always.

Wish you a successful new year 2021-22!

Team Elders and Seniors